Sunday, August 27, 2017

RNVTNS VOL III, #4 Scrunch Time Scrunching

Memories like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

One more week to work and get out of the way of the onslaught of students--probably a bit scary for the workmen, at least for a few minutes.  The gaggle in the foyer for about the first half hour can be a bit disorienting if one is not used to it.  So where do the workers go?  Sort of underground, above ground.  But that will be covered in a blog in two weeks.  Stay tuned.  Now for this past week.  Let's see:

The trench behind the theatre (which got filled) proceeded to go around the east side of the building and then turned to go along side the back drive.  Blogger was told that it will again change course and go toward the main building, at least that's what blogger thinks was said.  We'll all see.

Still outside but around on the north, the sidewalk to the field house was completed, as predicted.  Nice addition that will keep the folks going to the ball field from having to walk on the road, plus other advantages.

Also outside, but in a different vein, before the bricks for the additions can really be decided, brick layers built a tiny wall against one of our outside walls to make sure the choice of bricks was the right one.  Verdict not in yet, at least not heard in this direction.

Moving inside, the hallway has gotten its new LED lighting.  Here you can see the installation and finished effect.  
The rest of the ceiling tiles will be replaced, we promise (we think).

Quite dazzling!  The students will be surprised by the lights, but by all the other new things they will see.  It should be exciting, and yes, quite dazzling!

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