Monday, August 13, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XV, #1 Get out the Castanets!

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

The stars are aligned rightly at last with iPad problems solved!  Photos were waiting to be released from captivity and here they are.  The first shots will be about the Spanish steps in the auditorium.  The first photo shows the delivery of the basic material (looks light? It is).  Second shot shows how the builders will know which styrofoam blocks (yes) go where.  The next row: how they looked  without the steps blocks, and the last shot shows where the project stands currently.  Here goes.


Concrete was poured over  the styrofoam, i.e. all the surfaces that are horizontal, while another hard material went on the vertical surfaces.  Carpeting will cover both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  It will be quite impressive when it is finished.

Other things, of course, are developing.  This is an early photo of what has been happening around
the ceiling architectural embellishment in the cafeteria.

Moving over to the collaborative learning center (recall--new library and tech center), we can see now the library desk that's been installed
Pretty nifty looking with a light color that will enhance that end of the room.
Other things have been happening in other places, of course.  Ceiling tiles are being replaced or going in fresh.  The HVAC stuff is getting closer to being completely installed.  And so the place hums along every day now even on Saturdays.

Keep us in your prayers, and stayed tuned for further adventures of 1699 Hilton Drive.  God bless.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XIV #4b Read on.

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Yes, blogger is still on her beat.  Her problems seem to multiply as she moves from one iPad, her own, to other people's who owners are trusting enough to let her use them.  Great; now she can get some photos accomplished.
She can't get the photos, the precious gold bits, from these iPads because they are suddenly getting very picky about who they let in.  Blogger and Co. must come up with original IDs the devices were set up with. Oh.  Blogger can't find an ID that her iPad recognizes (Honey, don't you know me???), nor can the wonderful loaners.  Of course our IT person is off on another venture (he works for another co. from which NDA accesses him) which is the case today when blogger was hoping to do what her moniker suggests.  Another day in the life of one who proposes while technology disposes (until one is tempted to open the window and throw the stuff out).  Blogger hopes Reader never experiences such desperation.  Alas, it happens.

Blogger promises some really nifty photos if/when the gods of iPads get their act together.
God bless and keep the faith (and pray that blogger does the same!).

Monday, July 23, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XIV, #4 Reading Exercise

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Last week we considered new terrazzo and wall boarding, chapel sanctuary advances, and finishing up kitchen and cafeteria rooftop vent components.  Blogger would love to show you what has happened in each of these areas this past week, but alas, she has lost track of the whereabouts of her iPad. Not good, thumbs down, hair loss time (she pulling hers).  St. Anthony and deceased family members on vaca on some other cloud, while the Lord waits patiently and lovingly for blogger to get her act together.  And on top of all that, next week she will be on a desperately needed retreat in Chardon, OH and will not be able to post a blog.  This will give all of you a measure of rest.  Right now she can give you only a few updates from the past week.

Chapel: the tile work (off-white stonework you saw in last week’s blog) seems not to have been worked on. Perhaps there’s some duct work and similar going on up in the ceiling area—hard for blogger to say or see.

Kitchen: much banging around in there, but again it’s the kind of thing a lay person like blogger (i.e. lay outside of the professional) to recognize, let alone identify.  Certainly duct/electrical must be part of the mix.  Below, the art dept. has the floor cleared so that the electricians it al can do whatever for the sake of the kitchen above (blogger thinks that's part of it anyway; the other part may be the re-marking of exiting wires which is going on elsewhere in the building).

Classrooms 207 and 307 that were shortened to allow for a passage way from new elevator to main corridor have wall boarding up and continue to have electrical work being done. As you saw last week, the new terrazzo connecting room flooring into the main corridor is completed now and blends in perfectly.  The new flooring tiles in one of the rooms has broad dark bands with lighter tiles in between that looks all the world like terrazzo.  Clever and effective.

Lest the repetition of the word terrazzzzo is making you sleepy, blogger with bring this report to a close.  Have a good snooze.  God bless, and remember to keep blogger and all other hapless folk in your prayers

Monday, July 16, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol XIV, # 3 Some Here and Some There

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One just grasp and hold with heart's hands.

First an item of interest--the laying of terrazzo.  Some months ago blogger posted a photo of a man polishing a spot of new terrazzo.  The floor around him was covered with slurry, a milky looking mess but a needed lubricant in the polishing process.  Below is another set of photos showing the before and after the polishing process.  You may want to enlarge the second so that you can see the newly polished under the dried slurry.  It seems there may be a few more places in the renovation that will require filling in broken spaces with new terrazzo.  Someone just reminded blogger that the process will be needed in the kitchen also.  In the photos below, the new terrazzo is in front of the new doorways leading into the halls (on both 2nd. and 3rd. floors).


Moving to the 2 1/2 level (old library) we find
progress especially on the south side smaller rooms.  The
rooms on the north side will be larger and more complex
and will take more time to get this far.

A brief look into the new chapel reveals the new stone ware on the left side of the sanctuary, and what is directly opposite the sanctuary--progress in separating the main chapel from the devotional section.

The roof work over the kitchen is much further along
than this photo demonstrates, but blogger seems to be dealing
with a contentious iPad this morning and can't show you the most recent photos.  Maybe next time.

The kitchen still requires much by way of plumbing and HVAC work, and since we have been told that the water will be turned off early Wednesday a.m. (nothing unusual), they may be getting ready
to work on that area.  The other area that is a possibility is the small
restroom on 2 1/2.  We shall see.
Blogger is learning (the hard way) that speculating is a dangerous game.  What she speculatively identified as new panels for the inside of the elevator ended up being the doors on the mezzanine stops for the elevators.
Lest blogger gets into more slurry here, she will close for this week.  May the days ahead be pleasant with temperatures a little lower, and filled with surprises that enliven your spirit.

Monday, July 9, 2018

CNSTRCTN VOL. XIV #2 One Month, One Week

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hand.

...for Consistent Heavy Work.  Again this week's report takes us all over the place.  We'll start with chapel's new sanctuary wall covering--stone blocks.


Soon we will be able to take the new elevator (maybe).  The two shots here shaw the interior of the elevator with at least the floor in place and opened at the first floor.  We can also see what blogger guesses are the panels for the elevator walls.

             Of course, the guess could cave in.

 From the third floor hall we can see a closed elevator door.

Going down a half flight we catch a glimpse of the work being done in the old library, now new classrooms.  Here's proof.

Moving back to the first floor, west end of the building and to the cafeteria, we see an expansion to the framework developing there, still puzzling over what it all means.  Enlarging this photo will show how the framework turns a corner and goes all the way to the wall at that end.

There's more blogger could show you, but she does want you to get this today.
God bless and stay cool in the Lord.

Monday, July 2, 2018

CNSTRCTN VOL. XIV, # 1 Walking Shoes in Order

Memories like birds--fleeting.  They must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

We will move this week through several sites in the renovation/construction, starting with the boxes containing the makings of an elevator (in the car port--back of building), then the elevator shaft, looking down onto a cover on top of the newly installed cylinders (going about 30 ft. into a hole dug months ago), then the elevator frame (blogger conjectures) in its early stages (the elevator will be constructed in the shaft on maybe that frame).  Next we will move outside the elevator tower to look at/admire the new corner stone for the additions at that end of the building.  Lastly in this set, we'll take a look at the latest observable additions in the chapel area.  Hold onto your hat!


We slip into the east door and up the steps
to the newly renovated old library space to
see just one interesting newly closed door
onto the stairwell we just came up.  Blogger
is reminded of one of Edgar Allen Poe's stories
of a man bricking up the the only door to a
small windowless room in order to do away
with a foe he has just lured into it.
Well, that's one way to do it, but no such sinister
intent here.

Leaving that chilling scene, let's quickly advance to the balcony
in the auditorium.  Voila, it is now completely empty and the
railing remnants are gone also.  Swiftly down to the aud. floor, we see what it looks like from
down there.  The Spanish steps can't be far behind (or maybe).

We will close with a shot that reveals what the width of the hallway from the new elevator to the main hall will be, of concern that it not take away too much space from the adjoining class room.  It won't.

And now you have the goods on the week of June 23rd. in the world of 1699 Hilton Dr.  Join us next week for the exciting adventures of CNSTRCTN !  God bless.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

CNSTRCTN XIII, #4 Inside, Outside, All around the Town 6/26/18

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  They must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

So another week when it was hard to know in which direction to run first with one's iPad, ready to take some stunning photo.  Blogger runs, but will let you judge the quality of the photos.  Here are a few shots from the kitchen area:
In the first photo on the left, we are looking across a newly opened area from the kitchen hall to the bookracks in the hall leading to the cafeteria.  Tn the second shot, the workman had left his tool in place to help him find it in the morning (just being silly, blogger is).  What he seems to be doing is creating a spot for a new stove platform, which  will be in that general area just behind the old sink that was next to the ice maker.  (Memory and imagination help in most of these photos since what the viewers who are familiar with the old probably will not recognize familiar land marks.)  The steps may be more familiar to many of you.  They were the ones you passed on the way to the kitchen.  They are "all gone" now to make way for a floor that will stretch from the kitchen hallway to the opposite wall to create a new room.

Now to the elevator tower and related.  The first shot
gives you an idea of how early the men began work.
It is about 6:45 on a cloudy morning with the sun
crating a strong silhouette.  Blogger brightened it a
bit so you could see a few features.  You can see perhaps
that the white stone work is getting close to the top and
that the scaffolding may seem a little less cluttered.
The photo on the left below is the tower from the other side, and you can see lots of bricks ready for use above the outside door to the chapel area which is still in the brick motif, to use a fancy, though not very accurate word.  This entryway is to the left of the elevator tower, and blogger thinks it will take awhile but knows that things can move much more quickly than she anticipates.  More photos to follow next week on that topic.  (It might be well here to throw in a caveat, namely that the arrangement of the text pretty much goes where the blog site wants to put it, not the way the blogger hopes it goes.)
The photo to the right is one inside the tower showing the opening
for the elevator stop on that floor (maybe third).

Today we will close with an outside photo that doesn't seem so significant, but is the forerunner of beautification of the exterior of the CLC.  Your imagination can begin working on possible plantings.
               Have a week of recognized blessings. Au revoir.