Friday, January 11, 2019

CNSTRCT Vol. XIX, #1 Chapel getting closer to the finished line!

Memories, like birds, fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

It's been a loooong sleep, blogger knows, and apologizes.  The computer grinch was afoot and blogger was having password meltdown (mixed metaphor).  So, here's the rundown on two months of men working and blogger struggling with technology.

We'll start with the area that many readers have already seen--
the new elevator hall.  It looks the same on all but 2nd. and 3rd.
hall since they open in a different direction.  Notice that the soccer field is visible to the person't left as he/she enters.  On the other two floors with the different orientation, the rider will be looking out the left window onto the garden area and the CLC.

Moving into the chapel, you will see some new additions since we were last in there on the blog.  Here's the pouring of the sanctuary platform and step (cement being forced out of the hose by the workman stepping on it) and the finished product of that operation;

Notice in the above photos the curved wall ready for the wood panels that will be cemented to it.  You  are seeing those panels in this next photo along with the figure of Christ (at last).  Notice a chain hanging just beyond the table.  Yes, waiting to mount the cross and the figure of Christ.  In the second
photo, it is accomplished.  One of the men who helped with the mounting said that it took about a half hour.  Notice again that there is another chain on the right. The third photo hints at how the crucifix is hanging--by flat hooks  which are slipped into slots on the mounting board against the background


As noted, there is still another chain.  That's for altar top which weighs around two tons.  It is over to the side near the windows because it was in the way where it was first placed, i.e. in front of the then future steps.
So, loyal readers and any newcomers, now you know.  Blogger has been chaffing at the bit to show all of this to you.

I close with a now experienced New Year, however you may feel about it.  Blogger's grand niece will be delivering (we pray) twin girls.  That's a really positive thing for blogger's family.  She hopes that there will be many positive things and many unexpected blessings for you.
p.s.  In case there is no explanation being prepared for the forked cross and the style of the figure of Christ, blogger will supply one.
God bless!