Friday, September 1, 2017

RNVTNS VOL. IV, # 1 (Think "William Tell Overture")

Memories, like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Down to the wire!  Talk about pressure, but no,
no time to talk.  Just work and get it finished--
and that's what they're doing for this part of
Phase 1.  But we have intrepid leadership here.
This photo could be titled, "Have President
(who) will travel."  So we see Dr. Koehl in her
"itinerant" office (her second) ...

                                       then catch a glimpse of her future office.  We can be sure that Dr. Koehl will be even happier in her new digs when she is finally able to occupy them.  Note the new door and the new carpet, both installed a few days ago.

Now to what is happening in other areas of the first floor:  How about this?  Talk about accommodating the clients!  This will be a power station for students' iPads. (Will they be tempted to use it to fuel themselves since it looks a bit like another kind of booth?  Some will, no doubt, take their chances, but this is out in the hallway--a bit risky).  There will be seats soon, we trust.

                                                    Another small item appearing this week on corners of doorways--corner bumpers (lay-speak).  One of the little finishing touches which we would certainly miss if they were not there.

A look into chapel shows remote moves toward renovation of that area.  The sanctuary carpet has been thrown back so that the wooden addition of several years ago could be removed and the original front of the step revealed.  The whole step must come out, of course.  The new sanctuary will be at the north end.

                                                             Things are abuzz outside too, of course.  Since the edge of the drive around the school was broken with all the pipe laying, and will be expanded a little anyway,  preliminary asphalting is in process to fill the gap.  The details of this photo show up better in black and white.  Note the steam rising from the asphalt, hot in its more fluid state.  Nice that the day was not too hot and the workmen could handle it with a little more comfort.

Now back indoors for blogger's favorite photo of the week.  What impressed the photographer here was the use of the scaffold for a work bench--resourceful.

Any applicants for the next opening for this job?

So ends August with the students arriving next Tuesday.  The work will continue, but not where the students can observe it.
And so begins the fourth volume of this accounting.

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