Monday, February 19, 2018

CNSTRCTN, VOL. IX, #2 "And the Walls Came Tumblin' Down..."

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  They must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

At long last, thaw having kicked in, workmen have been quite
active this past week.  Walls down, doors sealed to keep
blogger (?) out, banging at both both construction areas, and so on.  This last Friday was a real chance for the men to do much, especially at the CRC end, because the students weren't here.  The loud banging and thumping began early and lasted until the job
was finished. The photo shows how much of the work there
was done.  The mess was cleared up quickly by the shovel that had created the mess in the first place, knocking down walls by just banging on them with the shovel.  A front loader that could still get from the driveway was probably assisting.  By the time the men left, that approach was no longer available since they had already placed a long stone across it.  The shovel vehicle probably came in from the east opening which is still just that--no wall begun there yet.

At the other end, the same advance is going on.  Noise from that area was heard even earlier last week when the rain prevented any photo-taking.  Even this photo required some puddle-jumping inside the restricted area (blogger just put on her wings and floated in).  Enough of the wall that is remaining, it is hoped, allows you to place what you are viewing.  The roof above is not sealed yet and the skylight is still open, so the floor looks and is still wet.  This is an interesting photo to enlarge to give you a better sense of what is visible beyond the row of posts.

Meanwhile, above the chapel area, work was also in progress.                         The lights came down (almost forgot that they were still up since only the workers' big light had been in use) and sit patiently in two places on the floor.  At least one bid was made by a staff member for a few of them.  It will be interesting to see how she will use them if she actually gets them.

The workers are here on Presidents' Day, making up for lost time.  Drilling can be heard from the old library area, sounds like.  We shall see just as we always do (mostly!).  That means you will want to stay posted while blogger tries to keep on posting.  Au revoir.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Memories, like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

"What is that drilling in the morning before school starts?  That question has been on many minds and several tongues lately.  Nothing like asking the right person--the maintenance man (you understand that the maintenance man is the go-to person for information for all things physical plant-wise).       And so:   the bricks are being removed with a drill (little chance of saving any, using that method of removal ((drilling away)) which is faster, however).  Of course, what it suggests to us is that, with the weather warming up a little, the incomplete wall to the left can be worked on again, continuing with the the cinder blocks which later will be faced with bricks.

 Moving to the inside we see the altar standing as if on an island.  What the photo reveals is how the platforms comprising sanctuary floors are built--with what look like plaster blocks with holes in them (blogger must ask!)  The hope is still that the top of the altar can be saved.
              The neat hole in the chapel floor now has what looks to blogger like an anchor fixture for a future post (???).  She must ask!
There has been more work in the old chapel room, but all seems mysterious at present.  Blogger has been told that holes have been drilled into the old library floor.  That means into the chapel ceiling.  Purpose????

It's quite exciting, this living and working in such a place of frequent face changing.  The two major faces getting a lift, however, have been held in a rather stationary position for some weeks now.  But ah, brighter mornings are dawning (we hope).

Stay tuned.  Apologies for last week's absence of a posting.  It happens.