Monday, August 10, 2015

Blue Prints for Education

Notre Dame Academy could be compared, one supposes, to a very-quick-change artist if one thinks of cosmic changes.  But we don’t have to be that extreme to appreciate how the administrations have made efforts over the years to update the facility for the sake of the students and their education.

Following the pattern set in maintaining the facility on 5th Street, the building on Hilton Drive has taken on many changes in its 52 year history.  To illustrate this, blogger has posted two floor plans, the first from 1963 and the second from 2008.  1963 students would have a frustrating time getting to the right class at the right time in today’s building, just as today’s students would have in the ’63 building.  If you’re a grad from between ’63 and ’08, give it a try to find your senior first period classroom in the three minutes you have until your next class.  Grads of ’09 and forward, try the same in the ’63 building.  Remember, you are starting at your first period classroom and going to your second period AND you have but three minutes.  Ready, set, go!


Did you make it by the bell?