Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Future Journalists of...

Memories like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hand.

One of the realizations that blogger came to when she began this archive endeavor was that The Gavel, being written at the 5th Street location, recorded not just the adventures of the high school at that location, but also of the grade school.  The year of the newspaper’s birth was 1926 when the grade school was still securely ensconced in portions of the building, not to be eliminated for several years beyond Vol. I, #1.  Not only was the grade school on 5th Street, but that of Mother of God parish a block away was also the recipient of the publication’s recognition.  This recognition went even further than the neighborhood because Notre Dame Academy was the provincial center for all the Sisters living in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond.  So there appeared articles from St. Martin’s in Cheviot, St. John’s on “the Pike”, St. Mary’s in Alexandria, St. Charles in Carthage, Cincinnati, and more.   We’ll start with the closest, i.e. Notre Dame Academy Grade School.  You will notice, by the way, that the column title includes the word "Minims".  The origin of the word is late Middle English for "smallest" (Apple Macintosh computer dictionary app).  I guess we can go with that.
At the top you see a seventh grader’s article, one carefully edited by the teacher, one suspects.  You will notice, also, that the young journalist is a boy.  If any reader recognizes his name, please let us know.  This article by the way, is from Vol. I, #1 of The Gavel.

Blogger wishes  all a very blessed Easter Season.  Pray for the students, teachers, and staff at NDA, please.  The final days of a school year are usually, “ times that try (everybody’s) souls.  God bless!