Friday, October 14, 2016

Expecting New Horizons, 1927

Memories, like birds, fleeting--they must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

In this 91st year of publication of the Gavel, it’s been fun going back to the first year to see what interested, moved, inspired, and excited the students of Notre Dame Academy in 1926-27.  In that first year, one such on-going event is given a glimpse in this blog.  
Since the Sisters who taught at the academy (grade school, high school, and commercial) along with the Sisters who taught at Mother of God’s School and several retired or infirm Sisters, the students could hardly ignore the excitement and buzz the new provincial center for the Sisters generated as it rose from the grounds overlooking Lexington Pike, a.k.a. Dixie Highway.  The photo below with the short article does give a sense of expectation, if not much else.  After all, when this new building is completed the only Sisters who will remain at 35 West Fifth Street will be the ones teaching in town, i.e., at the academy and Mother of God’s.  This meant the expansion of the school in terms of space and, therefore, the ability to accept more students at each level. 

As NDA looks to the future and the changes that 2017 will bring to the physical plant on Hilton Drive, the outlook in 1927 becomes a bit more relevant.  We’ve been there in several “befores” as hundreds of photos testify.  In the not-too-distant future, we will be able to view many more photos of exciting new things.
But in 1927...

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