Thursday, May 12, 2016

A May Flower

Memories like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

As you may recall from your own years at NDA, and maybe from last year’s May blog, we have each May a crowning of Mary.  This devotion features a student whose essay on Mary was chosen by a faculty group.  This year Malea Rolfson, senior, wrote the winning essay.  Excerpts follow.

            " 'And Mary said, Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word.' Luke 1:38. When I think of Mary and her impact on my life I often reflect on this passage from Luke. When I was younger Mary was like the sun to me: warm, encouraging, and a constant source of love. I saw and still see her today as not only a role model to be looked up to, but as a mother as dear to me as my own, a teacher, and a friend.
"… I imagine Mary's love like the gravitational pull between the moon and earth; I am drawn to her grace. It is a kind, gentle undercurrent. In a world where women are often made to harden their hearts so as not to get hurt, I see Mary as the calm voice that calls us not to be sad, but hopeful, not to be tough, but strong…. When Mary said yes, she knew she would face ridicule by her peers, but instead of choosing fear she chose courage. It takes this Marian courage to make the difference we all seek to make. It takes courage to put others above ourselves, and Mary teaches us the courage.
"…I desire a soul, like Mary's, so enflamed with the love of the Holy Spirit that others’ souls cannot help but catch fire when they see God’s love in me. I often doubt if I am worthy of such a flame, such a power. Mary was perfect, and I am not even close to that. But I believe Mary, much like a mother cheering on her daughter, wants me to try. She wants me to try to live her gentle lessons of love, grace, and acceptance.

"… I believe if you all look closely, you will realize that softly, gently she has been teaching you these same things all along. And with these teachings, this Marian courage, and our souls on fire, we can surely make a difference."

Beautifully expressed, Malea.