Friday, January 15, 2016

Maybe Curling Could Be Next…

Curling?  Well, why not?  The girls would develop focus, muscle, cooperation, sportswomanship, as well as good old American competitive spirit, and it is an Olympic sport.  Hmmm, maybe, but most people won’t warm to it, blogger is pretty sure.
However, whoever, 50 years ago, would have thought we’d have archery in the 21st century.  But we do.  It is listed among the winter sports along with basketball, bowling, and swimming/diving.  Archery was born here in the winter of 2014, and is popular enough to attract about 40 students—it’s a “no-cut” sport.  This is great for individual competition, but because teams must have both boys and girls, our group can’t qualify for team competitions.  There’s light at the end of the tunnel—yes, the one that runs from NDA to CCH (figuratively speaking)—since CCH is in the process of forming a team.  While all problems aren’t solved thereby, it is possible that something can be worked out.

How do we handle shooting arrows indoors?  Actually, pretty simply.  The gym allows for enough space to hold competitions since the distance between the archer and the target is about half the width of the basketball court.  A tournament was held here during the holidays drawing many teams and individuals.  In the latter division, our archers came in third.  (Side note: if you want to do it up big this summer in your back yard, you’ll pay about $150 for a good straw target.  If you want to go for less, you can use multiple layers of corrugated paper—our practice material.)

 The other sport that, perhaps, may be even more surprising to our readers, is the spring sport of bass fishing.  But, lest you get to longing for warm breezes off the river along with comfy spot under a shading tree, etc., too soon, we’ll save that for another month.

In the meantime, blogger wonders what the next century will bring.  Maybe polo will make it, if it’s still around.  Then again, we must think 22nd century: maybe it will be training for something in space or in deep ocean, although drawing a cheering crowd will be somewhat of a challenge with either, one would think.  For now, girls, grab your quivers and bows.  We’re off to another competition.