Monday, May 12, 2014


So is there really a tunnel to CCH or isn’t there?  That is the question.  Well, if reason prevails (hardly ever any fun), between us and them there is a great gulf (not as big as the original one of c. 40 ft. deep—a.k.a. the gully) and them some--the Heights property, the Dixie, CCH’s parking lot, and a new CCH--to repeat, if reason prevails, a tunnel is an impossibility.  So when/where did the rumor originate?  Ah, one of life’s oft repeated mysteries.  A question that comes to blogger’s mind is if there was such a rumor when both schools were “in town”?  It would actually been more possible there where the two buildings were much closer and measuring the same feet above sea level.  (For the younger reader not so acquainted with local history, NDA was on Fifth St. in Covington and CCH was on Sixth St.—actually very close to each other and the cause of many palpitations when NDA students would walk from school to Mother of God Church which was across the street from Mother of God School, site of CCH.  CCH teachers had to be very engaging or very muscular to keep their students from rushing to the windows as soon as the girls’ chatter was heard.)  Ah, the good old days!

So is there a tunnel.  Well, actually, yes, as the rather blurred photos below show.  It’s hard to navigate in a stooped position (clearance almost all the way through is about four and a half feet) with a flashlight, small dolly to kneel on, and a camera, and still take really good, sharp photos—at least that’s what blogger tells herself.  The tunnels, as any one in construction will tell you, are where one finds pipes and wiring, and maybe storage; so it’s the same in this building.  NDA’s tunnels extend in at least three directions and have a few doors connecting sections.  At one time in her earlier life, blogger went through the whole thing, but age has reduced endurance, so the adventure was a good deal shorter this time.  Is it creepy?  Not to the experienced spelunker.  Is it full of rodent life?  No, there’s nothing to eat down there.  Could one get lost?  Yes, if one is not familiar enough with where one is in relation to the first floor under which the tunnel passes.  How does one get into the tunnel, i.e., where are the entry points?  Ah, reader, that is classified information!