Friday, August 16, 2013

All Aboard for Hilton Drive

Our train was getting ready to leave the station by mid ’59 when Sister M. Agnetis wrote the following and last entry in her journal of the new building journey that she kept from February, 1955 (the time of appraisal of the property on Fifth Street) to June 1, 1959.  By that date, much had developed in approvals gained and support voiced for building a new home for Notre Dame Academy.

June 1, 1959
“That’s as far as it is now.  But we feel it is good news.  We also have evidence that publicity about our school here on Fifth Street has been projected more and more in the spotlight of our civic community.  The “climate” for our public is growing richer by the day.  Last Spring, one of our Faculty members, Sister Mary Maxine, was assigned to build up improved public relations for our school by more publicity in the local newspapers.  Sister has been most successful, and we know that this preliminary publicity is already setting our big project in motion.”

The sense that Sister had for best advancement practices places her ahead of her times.  It will be many years before the school has an office and personnel dedicated to such an endeavor.  Sister Mary Agnetis was a teacher of historic proportions indeed.

Included here is a photo of a photocopy of part of that last entry by Sister.  It’s a good ad for retaining cursive writing which can look this artistic under a steady hand and strong purpose, more impressive given Sister. M. Agnetis’s 80 years.  Notice the distinctive flourishes and the floating letters.  Style!