Monday, August 27, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XV, #3 Fasten Your Mental Belts and Hang On!

Memories, like birds, fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

What a week!  Cleaning crews of parents and students came in and accomplished the miracle of cleaning the place almost in toto.  The first shot, then is an empty first floor hall--empty because all the desks, etc. are in the clean classrooms.  Kudos!  The second photo, staying on the first floor is the new conference room across from the auditorium.  The third is the new-style book casing for the CLC.  Pretty spiffy.  Then we'll give you one sample of new furniture in the CLC--pretty cool too.


Moving across the hall to the auditorium, we'll see work being done on the Span. steps.  They are finished now and can't be ignored!

Next in proximity is the cafeteria which has its own claim to being noticed.  The ceiling, almost completely in skylight coverings and floor.  The latter has already had the border flooring laid around what you see in the photo, darker, making a nice finished complement to the new yellow architectural element close to the ceiling.  To finish that completely will probably be on the workers' agenda today.

Moving up to 2 1/2 (second mezzanine level) we find a room full of its designated desks, as yet to be arranged.  They are a new style for us, more easily moved since they are on wheels. Hmmm.


In the large room on the north side of that level, the accordion doors are being installed.  This set of doors enable the teachers to open the two rooms to one large room for speakers to address more students.  This mezzanine level will accommodate most of the religion classes.

Making a quick stop down on the ground floor, we'll see what we can of a clean art department although not furnished--the tables await out in the hallway.  Blogger will end on this colorful note.

Next time we'll see...  Tune in and be surprised!

Have a week of recognized blessings.  Amen to that.

Monday, August 20, 2018

CNSTRCTN VOL. XV, #2 Here, There, Everywhere

Memories, like birds, fleeting.  They must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

We'll begin closest to the student entrance.  Let's go to see what's happening with the Spanish steps.


The first pic. may not be new to you, but the second is.  Recall that the steps are to be covered with carpeting.  Here is just a hint of what's to come.  In the third pic. you can see a red bannister on the right; there's one on the left too, but is isn't clear.  What is worth noting is that some of the carpet seems to be rolled up on the step and the man is measuring (or something).  Get excited (as the students like to say).
Let's go next to the CLC (you know by now what that is).

New carpeting and clearing the way for the new furniture soon to come.  How exciting is that!
Across the hall is the kitchen (not quite ready yet) and next to that, of course, is the cafeteria.  Now that's where more action is visible as the men ready the floor for the new flooring (not carpeting, thankfully for the cleaners).  Blogger doesn't know exactly what it will look like, so she won't speculate; but it sounds like a type she is not familiar with, making it more interesting.

A quick look at the progress on 2 1/2 new classroom (one of the four).
  Height of ceiling, color of wall, and...taa-taa the carpeting, are what this pic. reveals.  Fortunately, the students will quickly learn to judge their location (it may be easy to get lost now) by the carpet color.

One quick look at the center of our lives here at NDA--the chapel.  Not too much to show, but just to give evidence that things really are happening there.  The new, lighter stone in the sanctuary area is completed and the ceiling should be getting tiled soon (HVAC work is just about finished).    Wooden frames in the large windows are in place for the installation of the three windows that used to be on the north wall in the old chapel, and will be on the east wall.  Seeing them finally in place should be a "Wow!" experience.  What the photo shows is the last step before the wall boarding is placed on the walls separating the main chapel from the Reflection Room.

Now just two weeks away, the return of the students will bring much chatter about summer experiences, but also about the changes they will experience here.  Two areas in particular many upper class women will not recognize.  It should be great fun.
Enough for now.  Let's all pray for one another in these last crunch days.  Pray, too, for the workers--their safety and continued commitment.  God bless.

Monday, August 13, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XV, #1 Get out the Castanets!

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

The stars are aligned rightly at last with iPad problems solved!  Photos were waiting to be released from captivity and here they are.  The first shots will be about the Spanish steps in the auditorium.  The first photo shows the delivery of the basic material (looks light? It is).  Second shot shows how the builders will know which styrofoam blocks (yes) go where.  The next row: how they looked  without the steps blocks, and the last shot shows where the project stands currently.  Here goes.


Concrete was poured over  the styrofoam, i.e. all the surfaces that are horizontal, while another hard material went on the vertical surfaces.  Carpeting will cover both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  It will be quite impressive when it is finished.

Other things, of course, are developing.  This is an early photo of what has been happening around
the ceiling architectural embellishment in the cafeteria.

Moving over to the collaborative learning center (recall--new library and tech center), we can see now the library desk that's been installed
Pretty nifty looking with a light color that will enhance that end of the room.
Other things have been happening in other places, of course.  Ceiling tiles are being replaced or going in fresh.  The HVAC stuff is getting closer to being completely installed.  And so the place hums along every day now even on Saturdays.

Keep us in your prayers, and stayed tuned for further adventures of 1699 Hilton Drive.  God bless.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. XIV #4b Read on.

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Yes, blogger is still on her beat.  Her problems seem to multiply as she moves from one iPad, her own, to other people's who owners are trusting enough to let her use them.  Great; now she can get some photos accomplished.
She can't get the photos, the precious gold bits, from these iPads because they are suddenly getting very picky about who they let in.  Blogger and Co. must come up with original IDs the devices were set up with. Oh.  Blogger can't find an ID that her iPad recognizes (Honey, don't you know me???), nor can the wonderful loaners.  Of course our IT person is off on another venture (he works for another co. from which NDA accesses him) which is the case today when blogger was hoping to do what her moniker suggests.  Another day in the life of one who proposes while technology disposes (until one is tempted to open the window and throw the stuff out).  Blogger hopes Reader never experiences such desperation.  Alas, it happens.

Blogger promises some really nifty photos if/when the gods of iPads get their act together.
God bless and keep the faith (and pray that blogger does the same!).