Monday, March 26, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. X, #3, Look West, Good Readers

There she goes again.  Look west from where?  From the fantastic chapel extension area, Good Readers!  That puts us back into the new library (CLC).  While there were some almost indiscernible developments in the chapel area, most activity seemed to be taking place in the West.    To wit: the divisions within the CLC space;
                1)                                             2.                                    

In photo 1.  Blogger really doesn't know what the enclosure is going to contain.  What she did not notice however was what appears to be a window on the left side.  In photo 2. again blogger doesn't know what's going on here, but this does show the outside window, original in brick, that is currently in the faculty room and will be removed.  On the other side, precautions have been taken to prevent the fac. room from looking like a few other rooms after some demolition took place.  In photo 3., blogger will go out on a limb and guess that it will contain HVAC stuff.  As you can see it is very near one of the skylights (upper center and right).  Blogger does pretty much after-hours "crawling" to get these photos.

Now for what did happen in the chapel area:
This very substantial looking framework will be in
the reflection area in the back of the chapel.  The ladder on
the right is in the way of our seeing the double door entrance
off of the vestibule (old word) or lobby, as it says on the plans.
Blogger is not at all sure of what is going on above the framework, but thinks the whole reflection area which goes to the far wall (not visible here) may have a dropped ceiling.  We shall see; but blogger will let you know as soon as she does (or maybe vice-versa, who knows?).

That's all she knows this Monday of Holy Week.  If possible, blogger will be able to get some "new views" after Wednesday which is the last school day before Easter, and when the workers will come back to do some of the noisy stuff they can't do when school is in session.  She hopes to do some lively (i.e. men working) shots for you.

Also she hopes that all of you stalwart readers have a very blessed Triduum and Easter.  God bless.

Monday, March 19, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. X, #2 One WOW Week

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Where to begin?  Blogger was out from Monday to
Thursday of the week and was very eager to see what
had been accomplished in her absence.  First, what
happened inside the new CLC.  Space divisions--------->
What you are seeing most directly is what used to be the lavatory and the president's office spaces.  To the right of the photo, you can see the newer part with the outside wall of the faculty room.  This area is part of the newly constructed and is under roof for a long time, as you may remember.  Work in the CLC is still to be done, obviously, but ever now and then a new task appears in the offing.  This drill is ready to put a needed hole through to the basement.


When that whole section to the edge of the building was complete, the workmen stopped to relocate a bit.  The tool was not to nap for long, however.
 By 9:30am, it was busy in the area to the right of chapel (looking at the north side of the building), creating a new opening for a  passageway into the building, the vestibule area on the first floor, and into the next level up (1 1/2 floor).  You will have to see the final work to understand what is being said here, blogger thinks.
At any rate, the next photos show that work, and how exact the operator can be with the tool. 

Finally, while we're at the chapel end, we were delighted to see that the top of the marble altar in the old chapel could be rescued for use in the new extended chapel.  It now rests in the garage you pass when you come down the hill to the school.

Dusty, but resting easy. 

With the weather warming a bit, and certainly during the Easter break here, many interesting things will be popping.  Blogger hopes to catch the essence of it to pass on to you.  Stay tuned!


Monday, March 5, 2018

CNSTRCTN Vol. X, #1 The Walls also Rise

Memories, like birds--fleeting.  One must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Promised diagram?     This seemingly must be done the hard way.  OK  Here goes.

               The soccer field is to the NORTH of the building, as is Cincinnati (seen above the trees).  The softball field is to the EAST.  Around back is the express way, I-71/75, and it is SOUTH.  Can you guess where WEST is?  Yes/no, this is not a diagram, but since blogger can't attach a Word doc. (or doesn't know how to), this will have to do for now.  And blogger teases about WEST.  Blogger understands deeply that reading these descriptions of placement and directions can be very confusing, but she tries to help you along as best she can.  Perhaps the directional help above will be just that.

              It seems that all of the major wall tearing down is pretty much over, so it's encouraging to see a few walls adding to their stature.  Note in the photo that the wall directly in front of you (east wall) is rising and is about 1/2 the way to the roof. !!!!!  It's amazing what a few sunny days can do.  Note, too, that there are window openings on the left wall in the photo, not uniform in size or shape.
              The block laying workmen have been here only in the morning; there seems to be another afternoon site that beckons them away.

Back at the CLC (new library/tech lab) also, work is in progress.  We get an inside view  from inside (foyer) and an inside view from outside (what?)
In the second photo here, note the right side almost looks like it is around the corner, but is really the  reflection in the recently placed glass. What you're seeing in the reflection is a bit of the West Wall of the chapel which extends a few feet further than the CLC.  So in this second photo just above, blogger is standing in the new doorway and we're really looking into the extension of the CLC.  Lots of "stuff ready to go somewhere in that area.

 That's enough confusion for one week, but just to remind you that we do have a SOUTH side to the building, and the work going on back there is pretty much a repetition of work you've seen dozens of times, probably, on this blogg site.  The men are still in the process of getting the electrical wiring to the new LED lights back there, but as of right now, the light posts are not up.  First things first.
Back on the north side, the LEDs have been mounted, but not yet connected.  Next week....
Stay tuned.