Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Once Upon a Time...

Below are the entries in the Chronology of Notre Dame Academy 
compiled by the archivist.

July 4th: Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld, Germany arrive in the United States and procede to Cleveland, Ohio.  The bishop of Covington had requested a few sisters; he is Bishop Toebbe, the brother of Sr. M. Modesta. 

Aug. 13th: Upon arrival in Covington, the two sisters sent from Cleveland  are welcomed by the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis (now FSP) at St. Elizabeth Hospital  on 11th Street.  At some later date, the pastor of Mother of God’s rents a house for the Sisters on Montgomery Steet in Covington.

Aug. 15th: The Sisters begin teaching at Mother of God School on 6th St. in Covington, replacing the Benedictine Srs.. 

July 12: 80’ x 190’piece of property on 5th. Street between Madison Ave and Montgomery Street in Covington, Kentucky, is purchased by the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Construction of a four story building begins immediately with the following designations:
basement: Sisters’dining rm., kitchen, supply rm., laundry; 
1st floor: classrooms;
2nd floor: chapel, sacristy, parlor, study hall;
3rd floor: dorm and dining room for borders;
4th floor: large dorm for Sisters, linen room.
                            (All this was contained in the central section of the building as it was generally photographed or drawn,.  East and west wings will be added later.)  N.B. No elevators.


July 26th: (feast of St. Ann) dedication of the new building.  Bishop Toebbe and Sr. M. Aloysia (foundress of the S.N.D.s) are present as well as Sr. M. Modesta, the sister of Bishop Toebbe.

Sept.:  Classes begin for kindergarten, grade school, and commercial students numbering 60 in all in the new 5th Street building.  Sisters are in residence there also.

Jan. 25: Bishop Maes is installed.

Sisters purchase two houses to the west of the academy building, the one right next to the school for the sisters, and the next for classrooms. The property of the second purchase had been the site of the first Catholic Church—St. Mary’s—in Covington from 1834 to 1854.

Srs. purchase house to the east for classrooms.  (Annals of SNDs state that it was remodeled to match the main building. )

Sept. 17th: Chapel cornerstone is laid and construction is underway. 

Feb. 24th:  Chapel is completed and dedicated to Our Lady of Perpedual Help.  Her image is above the main altar.

Total enrollment (kindergarten, grade school and commercial school) reaches 270.