Friday, September 23, 2016

What Is in a Name?

Memories like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart-hands.

The article in last month’s posting was from October 15, 1926, 90 years minus 11 months ago.  This month’s posting is from the same issue of Vol. I, #1 of the Gavel.  On p. 3 of this issue is an interesting article about the name of this new publication, raising all sorts of questions as to why the names that were originally suggested were suggested.  Some are obvious plays on the name of the school while others are quite mysterious (at least to blogger).  One may wonder why the still-current name was chosen since the author of the article seemed to think it was just right.  See what you think.    Would you have chosen another name listed or come up with your own?
By the way, just the other day, the journalism teacher, Mr. Glynn, pointed out to his class and to blogger that the name on the masthead of the current editions of Gavel is still done in the same type set.  Since the publication is now in its 91st. year, that's quite impressive--another tradition carried on.          

An added bonus this month is the Athletics article.  Yes, we had them (or at least were trying) in 1926.  Both articles are cropped a bit so as to fit here.    

P.S. Blogger apologizes for a late posting.  Computer glitches derailed the planned posting date.