Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dream Reality, No Finality (Ever)

50 years ago?  Too young to remember?  Well, these photos may help fill in the gaps created by the accounts you may have heard.  First, the extent of the ’63 construction is best shown from above.  Notice the absence of a gym and a theater with its parking lot, as well as a soccer field, ball field, and tennis courts.  All these things were hardly at the dream stage as yet (unless you’re talking about the dreams of Sr. Mary Agnetis).

The second photo, a side-long view of the back of the building, shows garages at the east end.  Replacing them eventually will be the windows of the advancement office that won’t appear until the summer of 2007.  This photo was taken not long after the construction of the building when the Art Dept. porch did not have its metal awning yet (below the kitchen windows).

The third photo gives you a glimpse of what the folks across the express way saw from their back yard in that momentous year as well as for several years thereafter until renovation fever and fervor hit.

Ah, yes.  The Hilton Drive queen has aged some, but has taken on many adornments that have kept her modish and a leader in her class.  May she ever be so.