Monday, March 14, 2016

Some Old Names Neither Fade Nor Move Away

 Memories, like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

 Recently blogger was looking up some information requested by a few relatives of deceased alumnae and was struck again, as in many times past, at how many last names from more than a century ago are still so recognizable today.  How’s this for samples: Von Handorf, Kirn, Bechtold, Hardebeck, Bankemper; or these: Grote, Steltenkamp, Muething, Kuhlman, Lewin?

If they all sound familiar, it’s either  because you have been around for a while or because you know someone from one of these families, or both.  Of course, the list could go on to include Isphording, Witte, Wolking , Darpel, Gleason, Andress, Bunning.  Not surely that we are finished with such lists, but because the list could continue for quite a few more lines.  This certainly is a reminder that the area was settled mostly by German immigrants, and so the list includes many names beginning with Sch…

Lots of interesting first names show also: Fritz, Wilhelm and Wilhelmina, Lonetta, Leona, Clemens, August, Cyrill, Apolonia, and on and on.  While most of these names are somewhat familiar (maybe Grandma was Wilhelmina), very many names that are familiar but seldom used now are in abundance.  Many have made a comeback, such as Emma.

Well, we all have names that are inscribed in zillions of places nowadays--it's the nature of our times. Here in these hallowed halls, we cherish the names that linger in the air we breathe and in the annals we hold in the archives.  What is in a name?  Lots!