Friday, July 21, 2017

RNVTNS VOL. II, #3 As We Were Saying...

Memories like birds, fleeting: one must grasp and hold with heart's hands.

In #2 of Vol. II, we finished up with the man on a ladder in the basement doing something to or with a pipe.  Within the next few days, we could observe the next step-->

Walking over to the garden room in the basement, lo!  Something's afoot here.  More pipes in yet another trench going, we know not where in the renovations.  Maybe the new lavatory on the first floor.

In the course of last week men were entrenched yet again,

and with what was observed this very morning, we are led to guess a connection.  This is outside the faculty room.
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                             This morning-->

Blogger wonders if what the men were doing in the trench last week was the disconnecting of the above-ground apparatus we see here.

          What you're looking at on the left is the sink side of the new first floor lavatory, newly painted gray before the sinks are installed.  To blogger, all this pre-planning of every small and large eventuality remains mystifying.  The lamp on the right side in the photo was a mystery item which could be seen replicated all over the place--until blogger saw one lit.  Oh.

The next big thing that is developing is the closure of the turn in the first floor hall as one headed for chapel.  That area seems to be destined to go...where?  Of course, it must stay where it is, but what will become of it?

And lo, when one goes around the corner into the chapel entrance, one finds that the other side of the area being closed up too.  What to make of it?
                                             And so another week of busy-ness on Hilton Drive, very productive busy-ness.  Today is Friday, but don't be surprised, we tell ourselves here, if we see the makers of BUSY here again tomorrow.  They certainly have the spirit.

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