Friday, July 14, 2017

Progress Afoot VOL.II, # 2

Memories like birds, fleeting; one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

Yes, progress on every front (almost, or obviously).  This week the workers moved from the first floor up to the second mezzanine where they began the preliminaries for a classroom.  Those familiar with the school may think, correctly, of the library computer lab.  Those whose memories go back to 1995 and further back will recall 212 across the hall from the library.  What goes around...

Above we see some definition of the room from outside the space, while in the photo to the right, the position of the door becomes a reality.

Also, on this mezzanine we discovered the HVAC plans for Phase 1.  Impressive, you will agree.  The page reminds blogger of a diagram of a subway system in a fair sized city.

Moving down to the first floor, we find the walls getting somewhat closer to complete in the counselors' area (actually much closer at this posting).

You're looking into two offices here from an open area.   In last week's photo of this area the in-between walls had not been put up yet, so this is a step ahead.
The offices look small here, so we will have to wait and see what the finished size will be.

In the basement too, new developments are obvious.  Here a workman maneuvers conduit for its new home, above him, one would suspect.

As reader can surmise, the lay people in the building (i.e. not  the workmen) are daily mystified by it all, while the workmen exercise patience and courtesy to the lay folk as the latter move up and down the first floor hall to their various destinations, and they go home today looking forward to new exciting developments next week.

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