Friday, July 7, 2017

RNVTNS 101 VOL. 2, #1

Memories like birds, fleeting: one must grasp and hold in heart's hands.

More walls!  Yes, walls are not just going down; they're going up in places.  In the first photo, we see a new wall from the inside of the president's new office-to-be.

Counselors' offices.

Then there are walls that are waiting to go up, i.e. still in the wishful stage of concrete blocks.  (That's a plumbing pipe you see in the foreground.)  The anticipated wall will separate the lavatory from 101.

A wall where there used to be two doors, one into a closet and one into the administration assistant's office.  The room newly made (on the other side of the new wall) is from both of those spaces.  We're looking through the mail room into the faculty room.

If you can't read it, it's not your eyes!  This is added to give you an idea of how complex the specs (specifications) for one area can be.

Now to finish up for this week, there really are workmen behind all of these shots.  Here's one for today.  He's working in the basement where some important piping, etc. has been taking place.

So some of what you have been viewing for the past several visits to this blog may not seem very exciting, but keep in mind that there is much "ground work" that goes into every aspect of this rather complex renovation.  Moving lavatories, creating new offices, eventually building an elevator and expanding the building in two places, all require an exhausting (to blogger) amount of planning, refining, prepping, as well as execution.  Thank God for all the expertise we are witnessing.

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