Monday, June 26, 2017

RENVTNS. 101 VOL. I, #3

Further Adventures of the First Floor…and Beyond

Quite a week!  Things are moving rapidly with workmen at many turns (don’t want to exaggerate).  Not only the first floor is changing, but the art department, inside and out.  The “yard” next to the driveway leading to the baseball field, is beginning to show that something’s a’foot (or tractor tread) as more channels are dug, occupied with pipes of some kind, then refilled; concrete  cut; sand dumped.

Last week already the vestibule of chapel was showing hints of change.

Looking out the south side windows or stepping out the basement door brings one to the sad but necessary sight of the demise of our Empress (tree).  She was always so regal in spring when she wore her pink-blossomed crown.  But she was ailing.  Empress was planted by Sr. M. Reina and her sister Mil around 1964.

Seen in this is work being done on pipes being cut, in the art patio.

Next issue—more on the chapel end (we trust) as well as more developments on the rest of the first floor.  We may see if anything further is happening in the art department, too.

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