Friday, June 16, 2017

RENVTNS. 101, Vol. I, #2

Memories like birds, fleeting--one must grasp and hold in heart's hand.

Oh, the Wonders We See  Oh, the photos blogger could show!  But let’s be practical.  Four on this round will be enough to prove that things are moving at quite a pace.

Earlier in the week, the drilling from outside caught our attention.  Men were operating two drills--one jack-hammer and one drill operated remotely—to break up the basement window wells.  New to blogger was that a drill could be used remotely as from the tractor (or whatever the vehicle is called).  Dust accumulated in the basement, as one can imagine.

Moving indoors, we have the foreman of all that’s transpiring now (on the right) and one of his workers, looking at the plans.

The third photo is significant for what we are seeing in several areas on the first floor—old haunts going as walls crumble.  Here is what is revealed as Mrs. Price’s office and Mrs. Stratman’s classroom meet.  Ah, the stories that wall could have told.  Mrs. Statman’s room was originally two rooms--the school office and the principal’s office with it’s entrance way.  Yes, the stories….

What happens when a new rest room is needed where offices and one end of a classroom are in the way?  Why, a wall (in this case, two) comes down.  What’s needed also, of course, is plumbing connections and fixtures, the latter of which is suggested in this photo.

Stay tuned for the further exciting adventures of the first floor.

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