Friday, November 9, 2018

CNSTRCTN, XIX #1 Food and Finding Helps

Memories, like birds, fleeting.  They must be grasped and held in heart's hands.

We'll stay inside this week.  Let's go eat first.
The new cafeteria accommodates two lines at once.
Still has a few snags, but that's to be expected when
you're serving close to 300 in each of the two lunch
periods.  Seen here are the girls going through and
making their choices.  The equipment is new, as you can see, and so are the trays, now with sections! (What will they think of next?)

Lines are long with only two lunch periods instead of three.  Looks like someone has come in and saved a place before getting into the line.

Let's move around a bit and see the smart looking signage, but let's eat first.  To Longshore...

Moving out of Longshore Dining Hall and going back into the foyer via the Srs. of Notre Dame/ Student Commons doors, we'll turn right  Looking we see Hilton Hall. Think of this as a "street" sign with some "houses" along this street.

One more sign will wrap up the day.                       

If the order seems strange, achieving it had made blogger a bit (more) strange.  Some things are more demanding of one's mental stability.
God bless you and yours this coming week.  Blogger will keep searching for ways to skinny into the next unexplored area.  Enough.

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