Monday, December 15, 2014

In Case You Haven't Heard

So what kinds of displays are put into the display case in the foyer?  Here’s the current specimen. 
"Time to renew a warm spot for Christ who is born in us daily," it says.  So what's the tree about?  Well, it's an...
(the Latin identification for the Warm Spot tree belonging to the genus caring.(A little poetic liberty taken here.)
The tree limb has cards that demonstrate the actions that will provide a “warm spot” that the poster urges, to wit: “smiling at the unpleasant person,” “feeding the hungry person,” (the students have accomplished this recently with a 14,000 cans collected), “listening/talking to the lonely person,” and so on. 
The case also holds the traditional NDA Advent prayer which you may recognize
Have a blessed Advent, Reader, one filled with reminders of the Christ who is born in us daily.
                        And of course a very, very blessed Christmas!

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panda barbara'79 said...

In my Notre Damian I received in Dec. '14 I noticed on page 16 this link. Thank you Sister for all the wonderful information, memories, history, etc. I graduated in 1979 & I'm grateful for my Catholic education that my parents provided for me. I'm so glad to have the SND's a part of my life. What impact you have had. Even in my adult life in Colorado. Sr. Reina designed the cover for my wedding mass booklet. My mother graduated 8th grade on 5th st in 1937. Sister Edmund was the principal. My Mom told me wonderful stories. She & Sr. Reina, my Art Teacher, had many trips down memory lane. I have my mothers diploma & I have her 3 embroidered towels from home economics. She told me many times how Sr. "graded them on their stitches on the back". They're as perfect on the back as the front. The late Sr Verda would always give mine that little unhappy half smile she'd give have me rip them out & try again. To this day I can do a mean French knot and do a good lazy daisy stitch! Thank you so much for what you're doing. I'm so glad my Mom, Sr. Reina, Sr. Mercedes, & Sr. in the Library whose name escapes me, told me many stories about the origins of SND, Conrad Hilton etc. I'm also grateful that my Mom took me to where the chapel was at the car dealership before it was torn down. I've since moved to the Mtn's of Colorado, but have passed down the history to my children & will tell my grandchildren once they are old enough! Thank you again! This is wonderful! Barbara Foltz Gugelman'79