Monday, March 17, 2014

Cheer, Cheer, for Our Notre Dame

Blogger hopes the title of this blog does not cause any trouble.  The last time we used something that sort of looked like something from another institution by the same name (there’s a U. in front of our two significant initials) we were, shall we say, reminded that there could be a law suit.  Of course, we demurred.  Ahem.

Do you remember old cheers from your high school days?  Sr. M. Reina has one that she carries in her memory from her Regina High School days.  The cheer goes like this:
            Aka laka ching
            Aka laka chow
            Aka laka ching ching
            Chow, chow, chow.
(Are you out of your chair yet?)
            (Our school, our school) Rah, rah, rah!
(“Notre Dame, Notre Dame” fits better than “Regina, Regina”, don’t you think?)  This is probably a pretty well known cheer.

One that blogger remembers from somewhere; perhaps it’s familiar too.
            Boom chika boom,
            Boom chika boom;
            Boom chika licka chika,
            Boom chika boom.
            Zis-boom bah, zis-boom bah
            (Our school, our school) Rah, rah, rah!

The faculty has used this a few times at faculty v. students volley ball games.  And a good time was had by all!  (Students won the last such game, but it was not fair, really.  Miss Gunning, our athletic director, came into the game on the side of the students.)

It would be interesting to research these cheers.  Does anyone know when and where they were first used?  (Of course you could ask, does anyone really care?)
You are invited to let blogger know of any cheer you remember from your own days at NDA if there were such, or from CCH since our girls served as their cheer leaders for several years (perhaps you were one of them).  It would be fun to have a blog just on your recollections.  Misspellings are permitted and forgiven (who’s to know anyway?)

 Have a happy spring, yes, SPRING.  They say it will come!
Regarding the picture, yes, that is, no: blogger knows these are not cheer-leaders, but it's a fun photo, don't you think?  Sort of fits.

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