Friday, October 24, 2008

International Guests

Sunday Mass, October 19th, at St. Joseph Heights is over, and we Sisters from Notre Dame Academy hurry home. Last minute preparations are in order before we greet our guests, all S.N.D.s, but from around the world. These Sisters are members of General Conference of the Sisters of Notre Dame meeting in Toledo, Ohio, for a month of preparations for provincial and general chapters that will take place in the next two years. Their weekend visit to our Covington province includes a visit to N.D.A. for a little reception, and the Sisters here are eager to see them. Several Sisters at the academy have been to Rome, our generalate, as well as to some of the other provincialates across the world—S.N.D.s are in 18 countries—and know the representatives who are part of the General Conference. We entertain the Sisters on the fourth floor, the convent area, and then proceed to the Media Center for an audio-visual presentation of our school and mission. Time to leave takes our guests back to the foyer where Sr. Elaine Marie gives each a memento of N.D.A. Covington. There is, by the way, at least one Notre Dame Academy in each of our 14 provinces. It is so delightful and inspiring to make this kind of connection with our Sisters, and to know that we S.N.D.s are, across the world, educating young men and women to make a difference.

P.S. The Sisters are from the U. S. (four provinces), Brazil (two), Germany, Holland, Italy, India (two), Indonesia, South Korea, and New Guinea, 28 in all including three translators. The Sister in the photo with our Sr. M. Paul Ann is Sr. M. Sujeeta, our Superior General from India.

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